Chinese Ox and Ox Compatibility

Ox with Ox compatibility

Chinese Ox and Ox are quiet, stable and dependable. They may not have a life full of excitement, but they find comfort in a quiet life with their family and friends. They don't fight a lot amongst themselves, and when they do, these arguments are resolved swiftly.

They work very well as a couple and can rise to any challenge. They will usually build their relationship upon growing respect for one another that will last their entire lives.

Working in business together, these two are bound to succeed. They share the burdens of the job equally. They don't always have the most exciting relationship, but they hang in there all the same. Their shyness keeps them quiet and away from the crowds. They do best in a one-on-one situation, when their personalities will bloom. They can get a little judgmental if they are not cautious.

She will take care of the home front impeccably. He will appreciate her efforts and support her well. Even when things go wrong between them, they will put up a good front so no one else ever suspects.

In the bedroom they can be very good together, even if they are lacking in a bit of imagination. Some may get bored after awhile. Others will just take what comes their way and be happy about it. It really depends on the other characteristics each Ox brings to the table. Neither one wants to be second in command, so they must learn to share all responsibilities equally.

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