Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer moon Sign symbol

Cancer Moon has a knack for being in touch with their feelings, as well as those of others. They may be so in touch with their feelings that they become very self-absorbed. At the same time, they are so in touch with others' feelings that they can see through any superficial statements of well-being. They have a terrific memory, especially for emotional things. The Cancer Moon Sign looks for familiarity and security. They tend to cling to their home, their family and friends, and their possessions. They really appreciate peace and quiet, and they are not big fans of change.

Devoted and accommodating, they do not like superficiality. When they have feelings of insecurity, they may attempt to create a sense of it by accumulating things around them. While others have moved on from a hurt, those born under a Moon in Cancer may tend to keep dwelling on them. They may tend to feel taken for granted, and they don't like to confront others, so they may leave hints about their unhappiness to get your attention. They can become very manipulative in some cases.

They have a delightful sense of humor that borders on the loony and can be amazingly funny. At the same time, they can be moody, which can confuse those who don't know them well. They may behave erratically at times, but they have a unique angle on life. They are also very affectionate and protective.

When they feel understood, they return the feelings of tenderness and warmth in abundance. They are very dependable, mood swings and all. They are creative and sensitive. If they don't have their own artistic talents, they have a fine appreciation of the arts. They are vulnerable to the influence of those they spend time with. It may be difficult for them to express their own opinions, rather than just reflect those around them.

Cancer Moon may be a bit awkward socially, being shy with strangers or when they are in unfamiliar situations. Once they feel more comfortable, they will be more outgoing. They may lack motivation, and be sloppy or disorganized. They don't like to throw away anything, including unhappy relationships. They do like to get their way, and they often set personal goals for themselves.

Cancer Moon can be very nurturing. They may express this through philanthropy, or through hospitable and compassionate behavior. They are quick to make everyone a part of the family. Emotionally, they can become their own worst enemy. They are prone to be vulnerable and dependent. This may cause them to be overly possessive of their partner. Indifference hurts them deeply, even when it was unintended. They are likely to bottle it up inside, however and not tell anyone.

Domesticity comes naturally to Cancer Moon, and they usually excel at gardening, culinary arts and home decorating. They may be rather finicky eaters, and when upset may use food as a comfort measure. They like to be reassured that they are making the right decisions and when they feel secure and on top of things, they are unbeatable.

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