Chinese Monkey and Rabbit Compatibility

Monkey with Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese Monkey and Rabbit make excellent friends. When it comes to romance, everything that made them the best of friends will work to pull them apart. Compromising will only solve part of the problems. Rabbit tends to find Monkey too busy and Monkey thinks Rabbit is too pessimistic.

Monkey wants to be out on the town, while Rabbit prefers to remain at home. If Rabbit can open up a bit more to life and Monkey can be more supportive of Rabbit, they may make it work. In business, neither one is very practical. It is likely the business will end up in chaos.

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Rabbit woman, she will find it difficult to put up with the flirting and more that he may be up to. She will need to open up and be willing to give up some of her quiet ways. He may be erratic or irresponsible, even though he is charming. He does remember all the little things that make her feel special, even though he may forget some of the major events.

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Monkey woman, they love theoretical conversations. They remain on a cerebral level for most areas of their lives together. She hates change or unexpected surprises. He loves change and the unexpected. He may be a bit rigid for her taste, though she can admit when she is wrong.

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