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Harmony and balance are important to those born with a Libra Midheaven. If they can attain balance, they can attain success. Creativity and pleasant surroundings are things they enjoy; it helps them feel more in balance. When they can share these things with others, they can inspire those around them. When in partnership with others, Libra Midheaven can inspire a sense of harmony that also helps promote their ideas. They have a talent for presenting themselves in a professional, poised manner with diplomacy and charm. They make good administrators, as they carefully weigh each decision. Other careers that may speak to them are anything in the arts, image consulting, decorating, law, writing, public policy, diplomacy or politics. Integrity is important to them.

Individuals with a Midheaven in Libra are always conscious of social position. They see where they are and where they want to be. Despite their status, they know how to communicate with almost anyone. They know how to climb the ladder by getting others to support them. They know how to cooperate and make excellent connections. Their image screams of flexibility and fairness. If they can keep a versatile attitude that lets them adjust as necessary, they will have a better chance of success.

Libra Midheaven excels at teamwork with a capital T. While they can bend over backwards to be accommodating, as they reach their potential, they are the one in charge. They can be truly inspirational if they can manage to remain abreast of all the changing trends, conditions and values while remaining true to themselves. They can actually feel great about being instrumental in the success of others.

Individuals with a Midheaven Libra can usually walk that narrow line of balancing both the big picture and the fine details. On the other hand, Libra Midheaven may become withdrawn, which really irritates those they work with. When things are going well, they are full of confidence, but when things go wrong, they may become impatient or indecisive. If they are just putting on a pleasant face but don't mean it, they can come across as insincere. They may be too impressionable or get themselves into situations they regret later. They may need to learn to balance their home life with their professional life. It may be challenging to develop themselves both as an individual and as a professional without family relationships being affected. They may tend to follow the crowd too often than trusting their own opinions, at least, until they learn to have enough confidence in their own success to know their own opinion matters.

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