Psychic Sabian Symbols

What are Sabian Symbols?

The Sabian Symbols were created in 1925 through a collaboration between Marc Edmund Jones and psychic Elsie Wheeler. Jones was an accomplished astrologist. He wanted to create a new set of symbols that would help others understand astrological meanings. He took the circle of the zodiac and divided it into 360 degrees, giving each constellation 30 degrees. This broke down a star sign into 30 different possibilities. For example, if you were born a Pisces, depending on the degree within Pisces that you were born would speak more about your character than just a general overview of the sign. The degree of each planet at the time a person was born is also responsible for characteristics, so the sum total of all these different symbols would spell out a detailed character analysis.

Sabian Symbols

When the Sabian Symbols were created, Jones had 360 index cards that were marked with each star sign and a number. Aries 6 would indicate the sixth degree in the sign of Aries. When Elsie would meditate for a symbol, she was unaware of which sign and degree it was. A brief descriptive phrase was written on the card, and then she would move on to the next random card and begin again. For example, the sixth degree of Aries is the phrase "A square brightly lighted on one side" while the eighth degree of Libra is "A blazing fireplace in a deserted home." Because there are so many combinations of degrees, the character analysis can be quite specific when all the symbols are put together.

Jones felt that they were guided by an unseen agency from the ancient Mesopotamian brotherhood guiding Elsie's visions. This is why he named his system the Sabian Symbols. The Sabians were an ancient group of alchemists in Mesopotamia. They studied astrology, talismanic magic and hermeticism. He felt that this guidance helped the right symbols come for each degree.

Jones thought that symbols were the best way to access this information for anyone who sought it. Symbols help us access our inner wisdom. As in the Tarot, it stimulates our connection to the universal consciousness through the use of images, colors, and feelings. As Jones continued to work with his Sabian Symbols, he put them away several times,always coming back to them with renewed energy and understanding. He finally published "The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

Today, the Sabian Symbols are used by astrologers and non-astrologers alike. They are useful for helping one understand oneself as well as get the most out of specific events and circumstances. The symbols are able to give insight into common reality and universal logic. When using the Sabian symbols, one must keep the need to widen the vision in mind. You may end up seeing possibilities in the symbols that were unseen due to a narrowed view. The exact phrase associated with each symbol is only a guide… let each one open up new possibilities and adapt it so you can find the answers you seek.

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