Chinese Sheep and Dog Compatibility

Sheep with Dog Compatibility

Chinese Sheep and Dog end up arguing more than not. They are both affectionate but their emotions may get the better of them. Dog tends to be pessimistic, which is hard for Sheep to bear. Dog also has very high moral beliefs which can prove frustrating for Sheep. Sheep is very emotional and sensitive. They can become very high strung at times and become anxious. If both parties can overcome their issues, they can have a nice relationship. Sheep is a giving person and they will do their best to make sure Dog gets what they need. Dog will give back by providing security and protection.

In business, these two work fairly well together. Dog makes a great person to work with the public while Sheep can be creative with ideas.

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Sheep woman, he will consider her undependable and frivolous. He also has a desire to "save" her. She will admire his idealism and high standards... at first. She will quickly reveal herself as unsalvageable and he will be intolerant. His anxieties and unsocial behavior will become a chore for her. Her emotional needs will tax him terribly.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Dog woman, she will be attracted at the possibility of helping this man turn his life around. He will like her high standards. She will soon despair of ever helping him accomplish anything, while he will find her criticisms hard to bear.

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