Chinese Dragon and Rat Compatibility

Dragon with Rat Compatibility

Chinese Dragon and Rat make one of the best combinations ever. They thrive on each others' energy and will do all they can to make their relationship special. In this pairing, Dragon often takes center stage, leaving Rat to orchestrate the rest. Both partners are generally happy with this arrangement.

While each sign has negative aspects, in this pairing, each admires the negative aspects of the other. The intelligence of Dragon works well with the work ethic of Rat. When they do disagree, they tend to be fun for them and they resolve their differences quickly.

In the bedroom these two are electric. They both have strong sex drives and they enjoy meeting each others' needs. In business, Rat manipulates everything from behind the scenes while Dragon takes the limelight.

When this pairing consists of Dragon man and Rat woman, he is boss. She caters to his every whim, knowing he will look after her every need in return.

When the pairing consists of Rat man and Dragon woman, she insists on constant admiration. This may get old for Rat after awhile, but not enough to end the relationship. Rat, in turn, tends to save every penny, leading to bickering between the two of them. Using a sense of humor, they can make things work out in the end.

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