Chinese Snake Sign

Chinese Zodiac Snake

Those born in the year of the Chinese Snake are poplar and good at diplomacy. They are very skilled at the art of seduction. They are intuitive, introverted, and gregarious. They are savvy in business. Snakes are lucky financially and know how to live life. They tend to hang back a little bit to analyze situations before they join in. They are charming and somewhat shy.

Snakes can be jealous, possessive and insecure. Even so, they often are irresistible and generous. They are very intelligent and maybe a little dangerous. They pay more attention to their intuition than to logic. They work hard and expect others to do the same. They are good with money. They have a wonderful sense of humor and even in a crisis they know how to lighten the mood. Full of charisma, they make quite an impression. They are wise beyond their years, and have the gift of being able to make anything sound believable. They don't like rejection; they have a rather delicate ego. They want approval and acceptance. They need to know they have security. They can be very materialistic.

Chinese Snakes like calm surroundings and an easy schedule. They get stressed easily when there is chaos in their lives. This can cause health problems and even shorten their lifespan.

Snakes tend to hop from job to job because they bore easily. They may be considered by others to be slacking off, but they are actually very creative and they work hard. They work well with deadlines and can solve difficult problems. They will excel as an investigator, artist, jeweler, astrologer, sociologist or scientist.

Individuals born in the year of the Chinese Snake use the art of seduction very well. They are naturally attractive to others. They are always the one who decide whether a relationship is worth pursuing or not. Once they have secured a partner, they become insecure and jealous.They may even pursue it to the point of being obsessive. They will remain faithful as long as their partner is ambitious and keeps up with them. They are secretive and keep their feelings private. When betrayed, the Chinese Snake will always get even. They like to meet new people, but seldom get attached to them.

Snakes are most compatible with Roosters and Oxen. They are least compatible with Pigs and Monkeys.

Different years are assigned different elements, which can affect each sign. The five elements are metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Metal Snakes (1941, 2001, 2061) are goal oriented. They will pursue all avenues of achieving what they want. Failure is unknown to them. They are financially successful.

Water Snakes (1953, 2013, 2073) are influential and insightful. They are motivated and smart. They enjoy working with others and being rewarded for their work.

Wood Snakes (1905, 1965, 2025) are genuinely kind. They like to create a solid network of friends and family. They rarely seek advice.

Fire Snakes (1917, 1977, 2037) are extroverts. They always offer their opinion whether it is wanted or not. They are very persuasive.

Earth Snakes (1929, 1989, 2049) are calm. They are content to work hard and reap the rewards that come to them. They are very friendly and approachable to others.

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