The Zodiac Sign Aries

aries glyph

Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac circle. Its symbol the Ram represents power, abundance and the fight for survival.

Attributes of the Aries Sign

Planetary ruler: Mars Affiliated with: House 1
Duality: Assertive Color: Red
Modality: Cardinal Anatomy: Head and Face
Element: Fire Keywords: I am

Interpreting the Aries Sign

Aries signifies new beginnings, quick changes and turning points, as well as raw energy and human force. That force is fired up by the planet Mars, indicating a sense of impulsiveness and aggression.

Aries also represents leadership, action and focusing on the outward and onward. It has a pioneering, adventurous spirit and denotes independence, self confidence and an ability to take risks.

Possessing energy and fire, this Zodiac Sign has the courage to pursue goals impressively; always enthusiastic, energetic and ever ready to try new and extraordinary things. This Sign's energy is also competitive and decisive whenever facing challenges.

In relationships, Aries' admiring characteristics are integrity, faithfulness and love.

Every Sign has positive and negative energies. The following words describe the darker side of this Zodiac Sign: impatience, insecurity, a lack of follow through, hasty decisions, argumentative, destructive, violent and even cruel.

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