Chinese Rabbit and Dog Compatibility

Rabbit with Dog Compatibility

Chinese Rabbit and Dog make an understanding and compassionate couple. Rabbit is happy to make Dog as comfortable as possible, and will be loyal to the end. Dog is happy to give Rabbit all the support and affection they need to be happy. They like to live quietly. While their life is not filled with excitement, it is one that will last. The only issues they may face is when both become pessimistic at the same time or when Dog gives a little too freely of their funds.

These two will develop a strong bond that links them together. Neither will take advantage of the other. This is important, since Rabbit is very easy for others to do this to. They will be passionate with each other and supportive of each other so they can overcome their fears. In business, they can make a creative solid business. They will freely use innovations and apply good work ethics to the business.

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Rabbit woman, they will work together for the welfare of others. They may need to remind themselves to care for each other as well as other people. He will be kind to her and she will support him in his endeavors.

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Dog woman, they need to watch out for depression. Both can end up focusing on negative issues. They do get along very well and support each other. They have a strong sense of duty.

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