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Jupiter in Libra finds the most luck when they are fair and treat others equally. Their natural graciousness and talents at promoting and mediating can often bring them many opportunities. They are intellectually adventurous and willing to learn. They are open minded and impartial. Because of this, they often are persuaded to change their minds through the arguments of others. They can also see all sides to an issue.

Jupiter in Libra does best in a team of two. They have a true gift for working one-on-one. They like things around them to be aesthetically pleasing. They can turn this into a career such as interior design, fashion or other artistic avenues. They are also good at entertaining, writing and public relations.

Libra Jupiter is idealistic, and they are attracted to those who share their views. Pairing up with people of like mind can enhance their opportunities and good fortune. They are very considerate of others and understand the element of compromise. They can be very persuasive. They have a strong sense of justice.

Jupiter in Libra loves people, and this will bring them much good fortune. Their natural diplomacy lets them interact with others and solve problems. If they can develop a strong sense of self, their luck grows stronger. This allows them to care less what others think of them.

They are humanitarians, and they lead dignified lives. If they can be creative and bring about beneficial social change at the same time, all the better for Libra Jupiter. They can then make everything harmonious.

On the down side, when Jupiter in Libra lets their ego get too big, they can be too optimistic, greedy, snobbish and overly condescending to those around them. If they can keep themselves in check, they are humorous, hearty and jovial. They like to explore new venues and opportunities.

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