Chinese Pig and Pig Compatibility

Pig with Pig Compatibility

Chinese Pig and Pig will spend their time showering each other with love and affection. They will share a deep passion and sensuality. They love to spend time at home cuddling and talking. They may need help with their finances. It would do them a lot of good to hire an expert. For their relationship to continue to succeed they both need to learn to focus on more than each other. They are generous to a fault, and may be taken advantage of by others. They may occasionally have minor misunderstandings. When they are angry, Pigs can be fierce.

In business, it is important for this pair to choose one that they both believe in. They are hard workers, but they must have a goal. Their business will be comfortable for their clients.

The empathy that two Pigs share is visible to everyone around them. They seem to be made for each other. They can predict each others' thoughts and emotions. They finish each others' sentences and seem to be able to read each others' mind. They have simple, if luxurious tastes. As long as they are comfortable they are happy.

The one issue they may need to face is emotional instability. They are both so sensitive that when one is in a vulnerable place the other may be sucked in, too. They may act childish, get depressed or sulk to get their way. The slightest wrong gesture may send them spiraling downward. Physically, they are well suited for each other. They will still be physical with each other far into old age, still enjoying the love and attraction that they felt from the very beginning.

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