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Taurus Moon compatibility with Aries Moon

Taurus Moon with Aries Moon

This pairing may get along with work from both partners. Taurus Moon prefers to be comfortable in their routines, while Aries Moon wants to get out and do things. If this relationship is to work out, one partner must become tolerant of the other's desires. This usually falls on Taurus Moon to tolerate Aries Moon's ambitious spirit.

Both Taurus Moon and Aries Moon are very creative, and they may find solid common ground here. If they used this as the basis of a business or something, Aries' leadership may help Taurus' reliability into a thriving atmosphere. Aries is great at starting projects, and Taurus can finish them up.

On the other hand, there is much for Taurus Moon and Aries Moon to overcome. Aries wants to mix things up, Taurus wants to sit back and enjoy. Aries wants action, Taurus wants tranquility. During arguments, Aries Moon will hit with direct emotional outbursts, while Taurus will slowly let the anger build and will be equally slow to let it go. Taurus can also temper Aries Moon's outbursts and have a soothing effect on them. If they are both determined to make a go of this relationship, Aries Moon and Taurus Moon can learn to accept each other for what they are.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon with Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon and Taurus Moon seem to get along great on the surface. They have the same likes and dislikes. They both enjoy fine dining and fine living. However, they must remember that they also share the same faults. While they both love material comfort and security, when they disagree, neither one will want to concede an inch.

Neither partner will want to embrace change, no matter how much it may be needed. When their routines are altered, they will want to dig in their heels and resist. Their own stubbornness may ruin all the good that they share.

If they can overcome this obstacle, Taurus Moon and Taurus Moon can be very happy together. They will be able to build a nice cozy little nest and enjoy each other's company. They will use their creativity to plan and slowly bring their dreams to fruition. They will probably have the prettiest garden on the block. They both need much physical affection. As long as each is willing to give as good as they get they should be happy. If they take the time to identify the areas where they are lacking and work on it, this pairing can be very happy together.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Gemini Moon

Taurus Moon with Gemini Moon

Taurus Moon and Gemini Moon may get along fine if one is willing to make concessions for the others' desires. This role is usually filled by easy-going Taurus. This could cause possible problems later on in the relationship as Taurus tires of this role.

Gemini may find Taurus' nurturing personality alluring, but over time they may consider Taurus to be dull. They get restless very easily and want excitement in their lives. Taurus, on the other hand, doesn't like change. They prefer comfortable routines to Gemini's flightiness. Gemini's need for activity and mental stimulation can really upset Taurus' deliberate, sensual lifestyle. Gemini Moon is more emotional, Taurus Moon is more physical. The stubbornness native to Taurus Moon is very frustrating to Gemini Moon.

Taurus may feel that Gemini prefers to create their own fantasy world, while Gemini may consider Taurus a stick-in-the-mud. Physically, Taurus Moon may need more closeness than Gemini Moon does. They are both very creative, and may find a common place to meet in this attribute. Both sides will have to make an extra effort to make this pairing work well. Most couples with this pairing may stay together briefly before going their separate ways, richer for the experience, but relieved that it is over.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Cancer Moon

Taurus Moon with Cancer Moon

Taurus Moon and Cancer Moon make a loyal couple. They are friends first, and share an abiding love of family and security. In fact, these two share a lot in common. They both love a comfortable home, familiar surroundings, good food and nurturing natures. They are both cautious about making changes to their plans and lives. Taurus Moon meets many of Cancer Moon's needs for emotional security and harmony. Cancer Moon meets many of Taurus Moon's needs for both stability and comfort.

Cancer Moon does tend to be a bit moody, which placid Taurus Moon may not ever understand. Taurus' steadiness, however, may make up for the fact that they just don't get it. Their impassiveness can irritate Cancer at times. Their commonalities make up for this, however. They both enjoy being domestic. They care for each other and their family in a very nurturing way. They are both dependable and would rather stay home than go off seeking excitement. All in all, this pairing should be highly successful and long lasting. They will build a beautiful home together and spend every moment possible together as a family. This could easily be the happy family everyone dreams about having someday.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Leo Moon

Taurus Moon with Leo Moon

Taurus Moon and Leo Moon may get along with some compromising along the way. This is usually done by one partner rather than equally. They may share a common bond that keeps them together despite the challenges. Both partners are loyal, protective and enjoy comfort. They each want someone who is steadfast, warm and committed to the relationship. Both are generous to a fault, yet inflexible about their individual opinions.

Taurus Moon may find Leo Moon's need to be the center of attention and playfulness distracting or challenging at times. Leo Moon may think that Taurus Moon doesn't pay them enough attention or they may think Taurus lacks a sense of humor. Both have a solid stubborn streak that may make compromising difficult. They use their resources very differently. Leo's loud melodramatics may disrupt Taurus' serenity at times.

This combination can be very tricky since there are so many similarities, yet those differences really create issues. With a lot of work between these two, this pairing could work. Unless both partners are truly committed to making it work, however, it will be a hard road to follow despite their similarities. Each partner has the impulse to drop the relationship and move on, yet they both understand the potential underneath for an amazing, productive relationship.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Virgo Moon

Taurus Moon with Virgo Moon

Taurus Moon and Virgo Moon are extremely compatible. They have a great deal of respect and understanding for each other. Taurus is stable and pragmatic; Virgo is practical and attends to detail. They are made for each other. Both partners are cautious and approach new things slowly. They both enjoy working with nature and natural materials. Both are concerned about how change will affect them.

Their differences lie in how they react. While Taurus Moon will forge ahead once they commit to an idea, Virgo Moon will constantly second guess and criticize their choice. The worrying done by Virgo will be comforted by Taurus' steadiness and emotional stability. Taurus, in turn, helps Virgo to relax and become more instinctual. Virgo Moon may become annoyed with the lackadaisical way that Taurus Moon leaves things all over the house.

Overall, however, this is a happy and content pairing. They meet each others' needs for intimacy and pleasant company. They will be most content in the country or if they are able to grow a garden or at least go camping frequently. They have a need to interact with nature in some way. This pairing should do very well with minimal effort.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Libra Moon

Taurus Moon with Libra Moon

Taurus Moon and Libra Moon can have a wonderfully fulfilling relationship. They share a love for the sensual and the artistic things in life. They also have enough differences to keep the interest going. This pairing can easily get out of balance, however. One partner may end up feeling they are always trying to please the other.

Both Taurus Moon and Libra Moon prefer harmony at home. They would rather avoid any unpleasantness or discord. Libra is attracted to Taurus' magnetic personality, but Taurus may fall into predictable routines, which don't feed Libra's need for romance. Both partners love the same things, but they want to experience them through different senses. Taurus prefers to experience through the senses, while Libra prefers to experience things through their intellect. They may end up projecting their own imperfections on the other and creating a constant current of dissatisfaction. They need to work on this if they want harmony in their relationship.

Both partners need to learn to take the initiative and face any problems head on instead of letting them slide until they grow too large to overcome. By acknowledging these issues when they begin, this pairing is setting themselves up to succeed.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Scorpio Moon

Taurus Moon with Scorpio Moon

Taurus Moon and Scorpio Moon can be deliriously happy with each other; or they can absolutely detest each other. Unfortunately, one pair can experience both extremes. When things are going good, they are on top of the world. When they have problems, they feel no one else is experiencing anything worse.

Both partners in this relationship can be stubborn and inflexible. They both rely on their instincts. They are both deeply attracted to each other. Taurus Moon, however, will drive Scorpio Moon mad with their need for affection, desire for physical comforts and practicality. Scorpio Moon will drive Taurus Moon mad with their strong desire for sexual intensity, secrets and need for control through manipulation. They may find themselves in a pattern of separation and reconciliation over and over again. This can end up being a hurtful situation for both partners.

Taurus Moon will be much easier to please in this pairing. Scorpio Moon has deep feelings, and when hurt can be tremendously hostile. Scorpio is prone to feeling jealous, angry and guilty. Taurus understands none of this, even though they may be a bit possessive. Once they learn to deal with each other, however, the strong attraction that brought them close in the first place can create a very special bond.

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Taurus Moon Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon

Taurus Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Taurus Moon and Sagittarius Moon are an unlikely pairing. One partner may feel a deep need to accommodate the other for some reason they may not fully understand. This can make for an imbalanced relationship. They are complete opposites. They are in conflict more often than not.

Taurus Moon wants stability and familiarity. Sagittarius Moon wants to be involved with change, and prefers to stay in the middle of the action. Taurus wants harmony and comfort, while Sagittarius wants adventure and new experiences. While they can both be very generous to the other, this is often not enough to create a good relationship. Finances may create more challenges for this pair as Sagittarius sees spending as a way to enjoy themselves while Taurus sees it as excessive and risky.

Sagittarius' idealism for the future is often at odds with Taurus' concern for the immediate present. Sagittarius will feel misunderstood, while Taurus feels Sagittarius is impractical and lives in a fantasy world of their own creation.

If they can make the giant leap and overcome their differences, Taurus Moon and Sagittarius Moon may make a go of it and have a great relationship based on freedom and generosity.

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Taurus Moon with Capricorn Moon

Taurus Moon with Capricorn Moon

Taurus Moon and Capricorn Moon are a good match. They will have a tremendous respect and understanding for each other. They have a lot of things in common. Both Taurus and Capricorn need money and material possessions to make them feel secure and comfortable. They both like routine and order. Both partners will prove dependable and responsible.

They do have a few differences they may need to work through. Taurus Moon is very laid back and easy going. It takes some real motivation to get them moving. They also like to mosey along so they can enjoy the scenery. Capricorn Moon needs to be actively working to be happy. They want to get everything done yesterday, and they need to feel in control. While Taurus likes instant gratification, Capricorn is willing to wait for it, knowing how good it will be. Capricorn Moon may think Taurus will never grow up. Taurus Moon may think Capricorn is obsessed with proving their worth.

Taurus Moon does appreciate Capricorn's stability and steadiness. Capricorn Moon appreciates Taurus' creativity ending up in practical usage. Taurus Moon can help Capricorn learn to enjoy the fruits of their labor and to show affection. Capricorn Moon can help Taurus find motivation and ambition to bring their ideas to reality. Overall, they are a solid match that should do well together.

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Taurus Moon with Aquarius Moon

Taurus Moon with Aquarius Moon

Taurus Moon and Aquarius Moon will have a hard road ahead of them. While they do have some compatibility, one will need to make compromises to overcome the irritation they feel with each other. It is a rare thing for this pairing to work.

Taurus Moon loves their security, material comforts, routines and tranquility. Aquarius Moon wants excitement, freedom, mental stimulation and social interaction. Taurus prefers to use time-honored methods that produce predictable results. Aquarius wants to try the latest gadgets, new ideas and innovate even better ways to do things. Taurus lives in the present while Aquarius lives for the future. This is a classic case of tradition versus change. Both partners are very opinionated, which is one of the few traits they share.

Taurus Moon and Aquarius Moon may have a very strong attraction to one another, but it may be more than they can both endure to make it last any longer than it has to. They may end up with an on again, off again relationship. If they can open up to each other and share, they may both learn a lot that will enrich each of their lives a great deal.

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Taurus Moon with Pisces Moon

Taurus Moon with Pisces Moon

Taurus Moon and Pisces Moon can be very happy. They can develop a strong bond of friendship and loyalty that will see them through any rough times. Both partners are loving, sympathetic and generous. They like a tranquil home, love nature and music. Plants and animals are dear to both partners in this relationship.

Taurus Moon is well grounded and practical; Pisces Moon is anything but grounded and is often impractical. These two partners have the ability to harmonize and complement each other as long as Taurus is in charge of practical matters. Taurus proves to be a good support for Pisces, who gives Taurus a bit of fantasy in their life.

Taurus can nurture sensitive Pisces when needed. Pisces can be empathetic when Taurus needs it. They each bring some balance to the relationship. Together they can create a magical, peaceful home. Neither partner likes conflict, and both are rather passive unless aroused. This pairing can fare very well for the long term as long as Taurus Moon takes care of the practical aspects.

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