Scorpio Gift Ideas

Scorpio gift box

The Scorpio in your life likes receiving gifts so much they sometimes get them for themselves. This doesn't get you off the hook, though. Their favorite type of gift is given without a reason. Wrap it well... they enjoy the mystery of what is hidden inside. They will often wait to open gifts until they are alone so they can relish the experience on their own.

When choosing a gift for Scorpio, don't forget their personality. Scorpio loves things that are dark and mysterious. They enjoy a good puzzle that needs to be solved. They are seductive by nature, so they enjoy anything sexy. Scorpio's element is water, so they may be attracted to things dealing with water. They like dark, rich colors like maroon, garnet and black.

When choosing a Scorpio gift, try to think of ways to make it intriguing. They will not appreciate something bright and sunny. They want to be secretive and alluring. If you still can't think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Scorpio will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Scorpio.

Scorpio loves to appear mysterious. Sunglasses, a large hat or a filmy scarf can let them lurk about and make people wonder about them. Make sure any item is in a dark, moody color... no bright primary colors here! Why not throw in a dark trench coat while you're at it?

They love thrillers and crime stories. Get them some best sellers or even a classic whodunit. If they like movies, get them some dark spooky movies to enjoy. They will love to hunker down at home and delve into anything with a darker theme. Scorpio loves to learn about all subjects, especially mysterious or obscure ones. Books and movies on obscure or metaphysical subjects may also be a hit. Find them local ghost stories or get them started at ghost hunting by supplying them with a tape recorder and a trip to the local cemetery.

Speaking of the metaphysical, Scorpio enjoys these topics. Get them something esoteric and interesting... perhaps a tarot deck with darker imagery or a crystal ball. These items invoke mystery and Scorpio will want to start trying to solve them immediately. They may also enjoy learning about the secrets of medicinal herbs or other ancient practices, especially if they have some mystery attached to them.

Since Scorpio is known for their sexual drive, intimate apparel is not amiss. Make sure it is something very special and alluring. Other gifts that fall into the erotic subject may not be inappropriate either, depending on your Scorpio.

Scorpio likes to look their best and will never turn down a nice piece of clothing. Make sure the colors are right... no bright yellows or greens here. In a pinch, they are also happy to take cash and go shopping for themselves. That way no one will know what they choose but themselves... they will have the ultimate secret gift!

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