Chinese Snake and Sheep Compatibility

Snake with Sheep/Goat Compatibility

Chinese Snake and Sheep actually make a good pair. They are very understanding and provide support for each other. Sheep likes to stay at home but usually has no problem if Snake wants to out sometimes. Snake will entertain Sheep with stories about what they did when they get back. Each knows how to make the other feel appreciated. If Snake gets a little too possessive, Sheep may feel too much pressure, but in this relationship there is little for Snake to feel possessive about. This quiet relationship is full of trust, love and peace.

In business, Sheep and Snake can start a strong company if they have the same goals in mind. Sheep is very innovative while Snake is a hard worker when they believe in what they are doing. Their charm will help bring in new customers.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Snake woman, they may experience utter bliss and complete misery in turns. While they share a lot of the same inclinations, both signs can experience deep depression on occasion. Likewise both signs can experience extreme highs as well. Finances may be rather chaotic.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Sheep woman, they seem like the perfect couple. Underneath, however things are not so perfect. They will most likely have financial difficulties since neither one is good with money. He may also be a source of distress through infidelity.

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