Chinese Snake and Monkey Compatibility

Snake with Monkey Compatibility

Chinese Snake and Monkey are not the most compatible couple. In order to make it work, both parties have to truly be committed. Monkey is always on the go and they love to have fun. They also love to work hard at a challenge. This means they may tend to travel a lot for their job. They love adventure. Snake, on the other hand, is possessive. They must feel appreciated to be happy in a relationship. Monkey's natural inclination to flirt will drive Snake up a wall. This in turn makes Monkey crazy. Both signs will need to control their natural inclinations and try their best to meet the needs of the other.

In business, these two can make it work if they can stop fighting long enough to get along. This can be a constant trial for them, but when it works, the business will thrive.

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Snake woman, they will be seen at every social gathering. They love to socialize, but for different reasons. He won't appreciate her charms quite as much as she wants him to and she won't have the common sense qualities that he wants her to have. Both may be unfaithful.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Monkey woman, they may exhaust each other with their incompatible energies. He wants her to always look her best, but she prefers to seek adventure and fun instead of glamour. He is irresponsible and romantic, she is practical and logical. Finances may be a problem. They tend to fight a lot, though her sense of humor may help diffuse some of these arguments.

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