Chinese Dog and Monkey Compatibility

Dog with Monkey Compatibility

Chinese Dog and Monkey can have a great life together. They are both very attracted to one another. Monkey's charm will win Dog over easily. In return, Dog pledges lifelong loyalty. They can have a great time. Monkey knows how to cheer Dog up when they get pessimistic. This helps Dog really open up to the possibilities before them. Dog teaches Monkey how to slow down and enjoy life. When Dog gets down, they may be very critical. This can run Monkey off if they are not careful. By getting each of them to accept the other fully, they will do better and have a longer relationship.

In business, Monkey wants to take charge while Dog follows along. Dog is a hard worker and has the talent of assessing a person's intention. This will help them choose good people to work with.

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Monkey woman, they have some common interests to start their relationship. Their differences however can cause some problems. He will have problems with her lackadaisical attitude and may become critical. She has completely different attitudes towards moral behavior.

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Dog woman, she is an idealist while he is an opportunist. This can cause a difference that may become too large to overcome. He likes his freedom while her trust must be earned. She wants someone who is loyal. He may be irresponsible with finances. They will probably fight a lot while they remain together.

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