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Libra Moon does not like to be alone… they thrive in a partnership. Many will get married young or choose to move in with someone. In order to facilitate this, they may make a lot of concessions to their partner in order to keep the peace. They are social, sympathetic and they love a rousing debate. They need someone they can feel an intellectual and emotional rapport with.

Libra Moon wants someone with them all the time… even for that little trip to fill up the gas tank. They believe there is strength in numbers. Charming and attractive, they are often found flirting. They are usually very gentle and refined in their manners. They make friends easily, and may be fickle.

Even if they don't want to, The Libra Moon Sign person will see flaws in their relationships and everything around them. Even worse, until it is fixed, it will continue to gnaw at them. Although a natural diplomat with acquaintances, they will argue with their partners until they win… even if it takes a long time. Having the last word is important to them. You may feel like they've got you on trial all the time and you're getting grilled, though they're great to have on your side when they're supporting you.

Moon in Libra likes to have their way and will accomplish their goals with the support of others. They make excellent planners, but they would rather delegate to others the actual hands on work. They are good at paying attention to details, problem solving and strategizing. They tend to lean towards overindulging, impracticalities and inconsistencies in their personal life.

They are often uncertain. Their moods change from moment to moment, not only from up to down and back again, but waffling back and forth as well. They are even-tempered throughout all the changes and usually cheerful. They are transparent… it is hard for them to hide their feelings. At the same time, they can change their personality to fit who they are spending time with. This is skill, not a trick. This allows other to feel comfortable around them, though it may be confusing at times. Intellectual stimulation is a must.

Indecisive, Libra Moon must weigh each side of a decision over and over to make sure they are choosing correctly… even on what to have for lunch. At the same time, they are concerned with balance in life. If they sense things are out of balance, they will do what they must to redress this fact, even if someone has to lose out once in awhile.

They love their family and home, though it may not be openly apparent to all. They are affectionate and encouraging to those around them. They seem to attract more than their share of good and bad situations with legal matters, life-changing decisions and partners. They like the arts and have very aesthetic tastes. Libra Moon may be a bit forgetful, and they don't cope well with violence or aggression.

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