Chinese Pig and Rabbit Compatibility

Pig with Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese Pig and Rabbit make a very happy couple. They are both affectionate and support each other. They love to stay home but their life is anything but boring! They both love beautiful things and their home will reflect this. They love to entertain. Pig can draw out Rabbit's passion and overcome their shyness.

These two will get on well no matter if they are best friends, lovers or siblings. Pig is generous and amiable and Rabbit is compassionate and perceptive. Both signs are capable of great forgiveness. In business, Pig usually takes center stage while Rabbit comes up with creative ideas.

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Rabbit woman, he is easy going and loves to indulge himself and his lady. She is more of a perfectionist and a bit inhibited. She may be annoyed at times with his propensity to sulk. She may appear stern, superficial or materialistic. Still, they can overcome all of this and be beneficial to each other and have a happy relationship.

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and a Pig woman, they have a gentle, tender relationship. She will be earthy; he will be genteel. They both appreciate what the other brings to the relationship. They will have a happy union free of material worries as long as he is careful in his finances. These two will be exquisitely happy together in all aspects of their life.

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